Black Diamond Jewelry – Kobelli Black Diamond Rings

Usually, without color diamond criterion it seeks to set the highest value of the gem.

However, there are some cases in which the diamond has a specific, intense and natural color; they could even reach a value greater than whites.

Halfway between the two types or colors of gems we have black diamonds.


Do you know why that intense black color?

These diamonds are characterized by having a black hue, caused by having within multiple non-crystallized diamond, found that extremely together next to one another, give a homogeneous black coloration.

At first, the black diamond’s were neither used nor very highly valued in jewelry, however, the recent interest in them for many renowned brands and high international jewelry making jewelry began with these precious stones, which were combined normal white color with black diamonds, reaching even performed solo with a central black diamond, something that seems impossible in the more traditional and purist jewelry.

Kobelli Jewelers from nearly a decade ago, we started making collections of jewelry with black diamonds with white diamonds in combination with an elegant design and exclusive jewelry, thanks to the commitment of the team signing the online jewelry design innovation and adopting to new trends jewelry.

Our black diamonds have been selected for their quality, in combination with white diamonds and colored gems sometimes resulting in beautiful pieces of fine jewelry.

The perfect example we are talking about: The diamond ring Kobelli.

A precious jewel, where its original design and beauty of the different shades of diamonds create an unique and exclusive piece.

Kobelli diamond ring is made of white gold first law, where the perfect combinations of black and white diamonds create a beautiful design based on floral motifs.

This piece of fine jewelry is a perfect design where each brilliant cut diamond is located precisely and crimping form beautiful flowers combining black and white diamonds.

The alliance has been embedded in a perfect diamond is perfect for everyday use, current and original design model, also will become the special gift for those who love women of different jewels.

Another gem formed by the combination of the two beautiful shades of diamonds are the USA earrings, precious earrings design unique ring design, based on floral patterns emerged from the combination of black and white diamonds. High jewelry pieces are ideal to wear on special occasions.

USA Model earrings are encrusted earrings black and white diamonds thorough and perfect with a microscope form. Each gemstone, under a pre selection of this for its size, has been at the right place to create a beautiful pavee with uniform brightness.

The USA earrings are exceptional brilliant cut diamond rings, excellent quality, beautiful design based on studded with white diamonds. The model is completed with a selection of black diamonds, which form a series of floral motifs. All made in gold first law and a known type of closure click, comfortable, safe and perfectly integrated into the model of the slope.

The USA earring is an exclusive design signature Kobelli Jewelers, elegant and unique, perfect gift for those women who like fine jewelry and find some simple but unrepeatable pending. With always advantage of the guaranteed minimum price on online jewelry store.


What is Diamonds ICE?

A few days ago asking to speak a little about the ice diamonds. As I promised, today I’m going to talk a little about this type of diamonds that are so fashionable now.

To situate and know what a diamond Ice, I must explain a few things beforehand about diamonds.
The properties that determine the quality of a diamond are:

  1. Size
  2. Color
  3. Purity
  4. Carat Weight
  1. Size: A good size is getting produce more glitter and sparkles, reflecting the lightest The best cut is achieved when the proportions between the different parts are appropriate, if these ratios are not good, the diamond will shines like or opaque. The best 8 diamond engagement rings sizes known are: bright, marquise, pear, emerald, oval, heart, radiant and princess. (Note: Do not confuse the gem is the diamond, with the kind of size: shiny).
    8 diamond engagement rings
  2. Color: The best color is undoubtedly the colorless. As low this lack of color begins to look yellow or brown hues, until the end of the series with clearly yellow. The presence of colored gold jewelry mainly due to the presence of impurities and structural defects. Fancies mention of the diamonds or fancy intense colors (green, yellow, blue, pink, etc.) that can reach astronomical prices. There is a scale that regulates the color of diamonds and makes categories as you can see in the picture:
    colored gold jewelry
  1. Purity: In the crystallization process leaves mark diamonds by way of inclusions (defects intern color diamonds). A diamond inclusions lacking, is of highest quality.
  2. Carat weight: A carat is a unit that is only used in gems and equivalent to 2 gr. A more carat price. But as well as other factors such as color, purity and size, it is possible that a small diamond worth more than another’s size, because the quality of small can be better than big. Nature provides many fewer large stones, the greater the difficulty to crystallize larger sizes.

NOTE: 1 diamond price has more than 10 diamonds 1ct 0.1 ct. Although the two weighing 1 ct. Another aspect to consider is that the price of diamonds is on steps of approximately 0.10 ct. That is, the price of a diamond of 0.45 ct and one of 0.48 are very similar. But one of 0.48 and a 0.50 has the nothing to do.

Exposed this, and we can talk about the ICE diamonds. The Ice diamonds are fairly new to the jewelry market and break with the idea that the public has about the appearance should show a diamond. They are rocks that contain imperfections that make them opaque; giving it an appearance of being has frozen hence its name. Despite these irregularities have a beauty of its own, a quality that designer has discovered some prestigious firms. Diamonds are considered low quality but among them are also “degrees of beauty”, but are highly subjective as the designers are selected according to the effect they want to create in the room.

The price is lower than other diamonds and sapphire USA, although still rising demand will rise in price sensitive.

Black Diamond Earrings for Women – A Must Have For Any Woman

Black diamond earrings for women are stylish and elegant earrings that every woman loves to wear. They are the most common selection s of Jewelry currently. These diamonds are highly precious and expensive therefore it is important to maintain them carefully. They are durable element of women’s jewelry collection.

 Kabella-14k-Yellow-Gold-Black-Onyx-Stud-Earrings-MLB11209088Probably the color of diamond which is highly uncommon is black. Gemstones in black have existed for quite a long time; it is in the first few years they have grown to trend as a result of high marketing and advertising campaigns. Black is a basic color in these gemstones. The common diamond is made up of one crystal, but black diamonds have many crystals.

Marquise diamond engagement rings are a fashion accessory that is trending for both males and females. These diamonds are rare because they cost more compared to other common diamonds. On the contrary side, they are worth to invest in because of their extraordinary beauty. A black diamond earring can be worn by anyone regardless of their skin color, age or the general physical appearance.

horizontal-marquise-diamond-engagement-ring-catherine-zeta-jonesjpg-awesomeLike any other kind of earring, Diamond engagement ring sets comes in several styles like, drops, round, hoops and studs. The round faceted diamonds are safely placed in four prong containers settings and presented on the posts with the friction backside closures. Doop earrings variants are usually recommended by most of the people simply because they have got more motion compared to hoops or studs. Hoop earrings with these gemstones are nice for little black dresses.

Bridal jewelry – The Nice Icing on the Cake

Marriage is a rite of passage that people treasure a lot. It is a reunion that is meant to last for a long period despite the challenges that may come up in the way. It is to be treasured hence individuals involved go for bridal jewelry that will forever be memorable. Online shopping has been the best way for one to get the different types of rings that one need. What makes one choose a different ring for engagement and the actual wedding is to differentiate the occasions.

jacksonville-engagement-ringsBridal jewelry deals with the engagement rings as well as wedding rings. The budget that one has is a key factor on which type of ring to buy for the specific occasion. Gold coated as well as diamond rings are used in most of these occasions. Diamond wedding rings are much cheaper than the gold ones and works well with most of the budgets that individuals have. The various websites have the different types of rings to be used for the engagement as well as for the wedding day. The new arrivals are very great and come with different prices.

BDY1499E-WMoissanite bridal sets have the rings that are to be used on the two occasions. It may also include other jewelry that are of great importance to the two events. One can choose it instead of buying the rings separately. One can get more rings from Vintage engagement rings USA. All the designs that are needed by different individuals can be found in this website.

Buying The Perfect Diamond Wedding Ring

Kobelli2._V157881931_Whoever said that diamond are a girl’s best friend was probably right, this why most engagement rings are big diamond rings. Every lady wants a big diamond ring to show off to her friends and always look at on her finger. Finding the perfect ring is a tormenting hustle for most men and normally outsource from experts. This could turn out to be a very costly exercise, even more costly than buying the actual ring. One can check out viable websites that offer a lot of help in purchasing the gift. This also allows a person to browse through the available variety at the comfort of their home.

 It is important to know the personality of the person being gifted with the ring. Most jewelry is crafted according to an individual’s taste and personality. This is true not just for rings but also for black diamond earrings for women. Dangle earrings are also a trendy accessory that most women with class for days are adorning.

wedding_rings-300x200Birthdays, anniversaries or just a simple thank you gift always ends up in jewelry gifting. One can never go wrong with diamond rings and the bigger the diamond the bigger the thank you from the recipient. Big diamond wedding rings have this stereotype of being very expensive and luxurious. This has some truth to it only that the money value is worth the purchase. It is a good investment that can easily be liquidated if need be. There are several pawn shops that are more than willing to pay good money for a big marquise diamond engagement rings.


Gifting a lady with a pendants for necklaces or a big wedding ring may seem like a very costly task for some but with determination it can be done with a little less difficulty. Research on the best purchase and ensure it is within the budget for there is something for everyone’s pocket.

The Best Out Of Jewelry and Diamond Set Pieces

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friends and this has been JW-1516EA_grandeproven through the passing of times. Almost every girl squirms and cries when they receive Black dangle earrings. A diamond is a very flashy and expensive stone that automatically presents a class of prestige and big spending. It is no wonder that almost half the engagement rings presented to ladies are diamond cut rings.

A nice outfit can be set apart by a simple accessory that brings the entire outfit to life. Nothing stands out more than a lovely pendant on a shiny necklace. Even Hollywood superstars are known to adorn precious jewelry accessory on red carpet events to set their outfit and standards apart from the rest.

Jewelry consists of a wide variety of accessories but the most common ones are earrings, necklaces and rings. Diamond engagement ring sets are very popular because love is in the air and everyman wants to please their future wife to be. A nicely cut diamond ring does most of the part of the proposal as it blinds the lady with its classy beauty.

pendants for necklaces 1Some jewelry can be custom made to be one of a kind for those that really love exclusivity. This can be done to fit the client’s criteria and ensure that no other kind of that piece exists. Some pieces can easily be counterfeited so it is important to find the right service provider to get the best products that are warranted and have no conflicts.


Pendants for necklaces make a big difference in an outfit and sometimes lives, and an even bigger one if it’s a diamond cut jewelry piece.

Tips for Choosing and Buying Diamond Accessories

Of all the accessories, diamonds have a special place in the majority of the people. This can be greatly attributed to the fact that the precious metal is associated with a sign of elegance and establishment. As a result, it makes one of the best material to make accessories and it is always great pride to be in a position to own one whether bought or in the form of a gift.

product32-1 In the event that you will be buying some jewels such as Diamond Earrings Canada, there are some tips that you can use to ensure that you get the best for your needs. Though they may not be exhaustive and they are mainly general, they are essential as the majority of the buyers barely know the basic facts about them.

 They would include;

 Use trusted dealers

When it comes to buying expensive accessories such as Black Diamond USA, it is always advisable for one to make the purchases from a trusted dealers. This is to ensure that all the details you requested or given on the jewel are valid and thus it is fully authentic. At the same time, to ensure that the design is perfectly implemented, one should also seek a designer who has a reputation for quality.

Be precise on the design

silver-diamond-engagement-rings-3Whether it is a Diamond Wedding Rings UK or any other jewel such as earrings, you ought to be fully aware of the design u prefer. The benefit of this is that it will help you be precise and take lesser time when it comes to choosing.

The Exclusive Jewelers Sets of the Classy World

The icing to the cake of any woman’s wardrobe’s jewelers’ collection cannot be complete without a specific set of collection. This collection falls short of nothing that offers the statement of class and exclusivity. It is within this collection that one finds the likes of; moissanite bridal sets, big diamond wedding rings and black diamond earrings for women.

This class of outstanding jewelers offers the wearer an elevated status of class by giving a fashion statement that enables one not only stand out from the crowd but also give a sense of affluence. Truly for one to be able to don a big diamond wedding ring or black dangle earrings for women, they must at least have an outstanding taste in fashion and an unmatched level of class.


From within the classes of the big diamond wedding rings, one also finds that they are offered in varying designs, aimed at specifically meeting the customers’ specific needs and tastes. By offering a wide range of designs, varying levels of consumer utility can be achieved.

The designs come in the form of studs, others may prefer the dangling designs, the hoops, hooks, the omega designs, and clips. This also goes for the black diamond earrings for women.

Price Range:

The prices vary based on factors such as the metal type used, and   the weight of the ring, with prices ranging from as low as $250 to more than $4000.

Marquise Diamond Engagement Rings are Ideal for Glamour and Expressing Love

Marquise diamond engagement rings have always been a symbol of true love. They portray a sense of togetherness, purity and passion in a couple. Marquise rings are in various auras of elegance and class; no wonder they are adored by people in love. The rings are ideal for that special person who has always been with you through thick and thin. Marques diamonds bind you together forever by a beautiful expression of tenderness.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Getting engaged is a happy stage in life. If you are proposing ensure it is in style and unique. When it comes to that special one who will be with you forever go for the marquise diamond rings. Your better half will always be all smiles when their third finger looks gorgeous. The show for affection and love is priceless. Marques rings come in style and varieties. Some are customized whereas other are not. The bottom line is the rings have been used for engagements for centuries and are equally awesome. Nowadays you can get discount diamond earrings as well in jewelry shops. You can also make an order online.

 Free Shipping

Online jewelers will assure you of free shipping for the jewelry. Marquise diamond engagement rings sets are also insured so you will never have to worry about any accidents. Your money is safe with the purchase so there won’t inconveniences. However, ensure you know the measurements of your lover’s finger just so they can fit. Once you get the ring you can also insure it from future theft or damage cases. You will always love to keep that ring for as long as you can.

Marquise Diamond Rings are Ideal for Engagements

One of the most elegant and traditional jewel shapes are the marquise diamonds. It is a tapered and pointed tip with a slim oval shape. Usually the marquise comes heavier than the other diamonds. Normally rough diamonds produce brilliant sizes but when cut into some shapes they end up producing fifty percent carat size larger for the marquise diamonds. The marquise shape is often similar to football. King Louis of France had his diamonds cut in the exact shape of Marquise of Pompadour hence the name marquise. Marquise diamond engagement rings are easily the best. It is because it comes with the best crown surfaces compared to any diamond. It therefore, gives an illusion that the diamond is bigger than it really is.

1900525_825564880798389_5820681155689675756_oMore Advantages of Marquise Rings

There are numerous advantages of marquise diamond rings. The best of all is that when your lady wears them they tend to make the fingers look slender, a feature which does not happen with traditional rounded diamonds. Marquise diamond engagement rings result in a generally higher carat weight. They are also generally less expensive compared to their traditional counterparts which will cost you an arm and a leg. There is a large variation when the diamonds are being designed. This feature makes marquise diamonds different from the other rings. When going for engagement rings you are better off choosing from a variation and opting for the best which will work perfect for you. Other ring types are so rigid and don’t have varieties as well.

Fair Prices

Many jewelers sell more marquise rings than any other rings. People always prefer the rings for many reasons. If you want to propose to your partner you get good discount diamond rings and can also pay in installments as well. Jewelers are flexible enough and will also design the ring in a way that suits you and your partner. The easiest way to get a fair discount is to check online for the stores. Almost all jewelry stores have online portals where they showcase their products as well as the prices. However, if you know a jeweler personally it can be good option to simply talk to them and arrive at a fair price so you can get your precious stone. Referrals also work best. You certainly have friends who have had weddings and engagements. Reach out to them and let them get you refer you to the best jeweler they know.

Big diamond wedding ringsThere are considerations you have to keep in mind while buying diamond rings. Ensure you go for diamonds with their heads protected by prongs. Diamonds have delicate ends which could easily get damaged if not protected. Prongs play an important role. Marquise diamond engagement ring sets should also not have a loud bow tie effect. A bow tie effect is a blackened area on the diamonds which will certainly make the stone look bad. Ensure your jeweler has cut away all the irregularities so that the diamond remains smooth. A cut that’s not precise enough will certainly not give a perfect look. Finally, find a diamond with maximum brilliance which will sparkle and look great on you.